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Art n' Vino is excited to announce our partnership with Hammer & Stain. Art n' Vino now offers BYOB events creating customizable wood signs! When you register on our calendar you will receive a call from us asking what kind of stencil you would like custom made for your sign to make it particularly special to you and your family! This could be something like "From the Smiths", or "Smith Family EST. 1984", or anything else you had in mind!

Each sign is made from pine wood that is 3/4" thick with and additional hardware and bracing. Sizes vary based on which best fits your needs and are completely customizable with regards to phrases, names and date. You can choose the stain color, and the lettering colors. As this is a handmade wood item, please keep in mind that all wood pieces are unique in the grain appearance, knots and stain saturation they present giving each a unique and beautiful look and we make no effort to fix any of these unique imperfections besides giving the entire board a gentle sanding for a smooth surface. We will be creating new designs and products through our 2018, so keep visiting us at this website of follow us on Facebook.

All Hammer and Stain Events are priced at $65.50. This includes customization, hardware, and all supplies and tools to complete your personal custom piece. We will have instructors to guide you through every process. Bring you beverage and snacks to enjoy your event with family or friends.

At each of our upcoming events we are giving you the choice of doing a classic 16X24 inch wood sign, or a 18X18 inch wood round that could be a wall hang,
lazy-susan, or tray!

Designs can be placed on any wood product we offer, the photos shown are not limited! Designs can also be modified for a customized stencil Hand Painted Pillow event! (Bows are not included in price and are sold separately at time of event)

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"Someone We Love is in Heaven"

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"Tree of Life"

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"Hello Sunshine"

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"Plant Your Dreams"

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"May Your Weeds be Wild Flowers"

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"Welcome to our Home"

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Custom Dog 1

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Custom Dog 2

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"Home State"

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"Too Glam to Give a Damn!"

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"Happy Camper"

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"Gate Keeper"

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"Family Vinyards"

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"Coffee Brewers"

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"All You Need is Coffee"

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"Hot Bath"

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"Bless Our Home"

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"Beware of Dog"

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"Enjoy the Little Things"

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"Family Name"

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"Family Name 2"

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"Rebecca's Kitchen"

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"Welcome To Our Porch"

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"The First Day, The Yes Day, The Best Day"

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"Christmas Countdown"

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"In the Meadow"

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"World's Greatest Tree"

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"Family Monogram"
(does not have to be Christmas, unless wanted)

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"Cookies For Santa"

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"Framed Sign / or Framed Tray"

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"Most Wonderful Time of the Year"