It's a party, not an art class!

Fundraiser’s at Art n’ Vino

To schedule a Fundraiser:

We have 3 studios
Art n’ Vino holds 4 Fundraiser’s per month/25% towards the Fundraiser

Picasso and Studio Down Under holds 32 people. Minimum required is 16.
Monet studio holds 20. Minimum is 12.
Fundraising Events are held on Monday or Tuesday evenings (negotiable).
25 % of the proceeds go back to the Fundraiser.
Pick a subject for painting.
2 ½ hour paintings are $36.00 and 3 hour paintings are $40.00.
Minimum needs to be met 3 weeks prior to the event or we will contact you to cancel the event.
No deposit is necessary but we expect guests to start signing up as soon as it’s posted to assure you will meet the minimum.
We provide: ice, wine glasses, aprons and all painting supplies. There are tables located throughout our Studio’s to place snacks/food items.
Bring your own paper products, such as plates, napkins and utensils if needed.
You may have Basket Raffle’s or any other type of Raffle during the Event.

Art n’ Vino Gratuity Fundraisers:

Gratuity fundraiser are held Sunday thru Thursday
Add an additional gratuity to the cost of the event, (ex: 36.00 + 5.00 gratuity, event is 41.00 per guest.)
Art n’ Vino will collect the gratuity during payment process and will be given to Fundraising chairman the evening the event is held.