Saturday 15th, Super Great H&S Party!

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There are 36 Hammer and Stain Workshops in the United States and we are the Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter with thousand of custom projects we can offer for your decorating ideas!

All 37 Hammer and Stain Studios in the US share our designs and ideas with each other. We just completed our in-house build room where we produce our wood products and pillows locally, giving us control over quality and unlimited ability to expand our offerings.

You will see only a sample of our products here. No extra charge to customize your craft wood project or pillow with your family name. Out of our experience, when it comes to customization, only a phone conversation really communicates your wishes adequately, forms are fine, but personal conversation are better.

When you sign up for a event, we will call you at you at your convenience to plan your wood or pillow project, if your too busy, we will happily fall back on emails and forms.

Next Hammer and Stain Event
Saturday, December 15th, 6 to 9pm

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You’ll just love how our workshop will help you take your DIY home decor, to the next level!

here to find your workshop in our Calendar/ Registration page.

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Hammer and Stain Custom Popular Standard Workshop featuring Wood Palletes and Rounds,
Pick your Project, Register on our secure Calendar/ Registration page and expect a call from us or you can call on your time to tell us your ideas.

Hammer and Stain Custom Popular Standard Workshop featuring Wood Palettes and Rounds,
Pick your custom project $65
Hundreds to Choose From

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