Non- Alcoholic Party for Kids and Adults

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Baby Easter Bunny

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Baby Panda Bear

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Baby Teddy Bear

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Baby Tiger

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One Subject Kids Events
These kids subjects are instructed for everyone to follow along while we start and end a painting.

More Art Selections on the Bottom of this Page

Art n' Cupcakes Kids and Adult Public Party: Non-Alcoholic paint and sip events for children and adults together or separately painting children's or nursery art. Mommy and me, or Grandmas who want to paint a a personal gift for their grandkids room.

We recommend ages 7 and up, but as long as parents are willing to stick around. All children are artist, we and Picasso say!

$30 per child, Parent or Guardian may sit next to your Little Picasso to help or participate, or pay an extra $30 to paint another Critter in unison.
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Book an Art n' Cupcakes Kids Private Party Event
Your child's birthday is a pretty important thing to celebrate and Art n' Cupcakes is the place to do it!

Let your little birthday person come up with whatever they want to paint on a14x18 inch canvas and we will walk them through it or have them choose one of our existing " Cupcake Critters" paintings from our website calendar.

Party packages are:
$300 for up to 15 kids
$400 for up to 20 kids
$500 for up to 25 kids

$25 charge for each additional kid

$150 deposit required at time of booking, the remaining balance due one week prior to your party.

Party times:
Saturday and Sundays from 2-4
Some week night exceptions (must be discussed at time of booking)

Prices include:
All painting supplies
Painting Instruction
Plastic Cups
Personalized printable invitation PDF

In addition we have a refrigerator and freezer for parents to use at their convenience for cold drinks, ice cream cake, etc.
Children’s playlist of music (you are welcome to bring your own) and a disco ball to make the room light up in a fun party atmosphere for your child

You can bring in any food and beverages to enjoy during your event. Adults (over 21 years of age) can consume alcoholic beverage in moderation during the party.

Our artist will walk the little painters through the featured painting for the first hour and fifteen minutes. Next, you’ll be able to serve food and cake, open presents, sing Happy Birthday or even have a little dance party with mirror ball for a disco dance experience! We’ve had parents bring in an extra activity during this time such as cupcakes and cupcake decorating, decorating or pin the paint brush on Bob Ross, but this really is unnecessary as we can always extend the painting lesson to take longer. It’s completely up to you!
Call us at
570-430-5045 if you have questions.

Book an Art n' Cupcakes Summer Kids Camp; Coming May 2019

Our gallery of paintings you can choose for your party

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$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 431

$30 - 2.5hr

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Confetti Mouse
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 137

Birthday Cake
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 441

Whimsical Cate
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 141

Owl and Stars
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 228

Super Dad
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 405

Let it Snow
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 160

$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 212

$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 191

$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 175

Baby Seal
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 181

Blue Tang
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 234

$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 222

Dolphin Sunset kids
$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 170

Under the Sea
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 202

$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 207

$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 186

Cat Buzz
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 232

Pirate Ship
$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 279

Vangogh Sunflowers
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 284

Super Dad
$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 289

Tina Turtle
$30 - 2. hr

Stacks Image 294

Yo Yo Minion
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 300

Surf Shack
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 305

Timmy Turtle
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 368

Christmas Tre Shopping
$30- 2.5hr

Stacks Image 315

Pirate Ship
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 321

3 Chicks and an Egg
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 326

Autumn Fox
$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 331

Been Boo Unicorn
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 336

Easter Chick in Egg
$30- 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 373

Easter Rabbit
$305 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 450

Love birds
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 452

Puppy Love
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 454

Santa's Bely Buckle
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 384

$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 410

Halloween Kitty
$30 - 2.5hr

Stacks Image 415

Under the Sea
$30 - 2.5 hr

Stacks Image 378

Fox and Star
$30 - 2.5hr