Let the Art n' Vinomobile come to you!

A Taylored Art Experience
We can do indoor and outdoor events for all groups sizes – from 18 to 100.

Venue Protection
We protect your space with table covers, and provide aprons for all guests. Setup and clean-up is included, leaving you free to enjoy the event.

Seamless Events

Worry-free planning and execution! You can count on a well-organized, upscale event. Just call us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.
12 noon to 7pm daily

Pick Your Location
A Restaurant, Bar, Club, Office, Church, Home or just about any location within a 30 mile radius from us.

Pick Your Painting
Visit our Gallery of Available Paintings.
Over 250 subjects.
Custom subjects can be created for an additional $90 fee.

Pick Your Date
Call us at 570-430-5045 to reserve and confirm your date.

We Will Create a Date on Our Calendar
with your event listed with a title you have selected.
The fee per person is $40
All guest can go to our online calendar, click on the event and register, it's easy.
Or register by phone, by calling
570-430-5045 -12 noon to 7pm daily.
If there are addition gratuity or add-on fees associated with the event, Art n’ Vino will collect the fee and issue you a check the day of the event.

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This video has a music soundtrack that can be lowered, increased or turned off on the track bar.

Photo of Our Event at Sands Springs Golf Course Summer 2018

A List of Our Past and Present Mobile Location Partners

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