Oil Painting Class by Phil Krivenko

Phil is looking forward to resuming Bob Ross classes in march 2022

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Many of us who grew up watching Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting on PBS, and even now a younger generation watching him on YouTube.  Bob Ross is a man who instilled the beliefs of kindness, caring, and the love of nature and animals alike. He gives us a reason to party and celebrate. Let's face it, we could all use a little Bob in our lives right about now.  So let's all pick up a brush and get crazy and paint happy trees!
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Phil Krivenko is a Bob Ross Certified Instructor
and also the Founder of Art n' Vino

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Waiting for Bob Ross Students at our Down Under Studio

Phil's Bob Ross Selections
These are the classes we instructed in 2018
More coming, check calendar for upcoming classes.

New Bob Ross Art "Breathless Falls"

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  •  Spring Lake

    Spring Lake

  •  Mountain Lake and Happy Tree

    Mountain Lake and Happy Tree

  •  Palm Beach

    Palm Beach

  •  Late Spring

    Late Spring

  •  Spring Mountain

    Spring Mountain

  •  Graceful Waterfall

    Graceful Waterfall

  •  Winter Barn

    Winter Barn

  •  Sun Behind the Mountain white border

    Sun Behind the Mountain white border

  •  Mountain Majesty

    Mountain Majesty

  •  Sunset in the Valley

    Sunset in the Valley

Bob and Phil, Happy Tree
and Peapod the Squirrel,
Thank You!

We Sell Bob Ross Art Materials.

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