It's a party, not an art class - Last Update: 1/6/20

To our customers in Dallas and communities north who travel south on the Cross Valley to visit us at Art n’Vino be aware of detour. Exit 3 closed on Cross Valley.
Proceed to exit 2, follow signs under and around to Cross Valley South to Exit 2. Take left and Art n, Vino will be on the left in The Cross Valley Center.

I'm a Returning Guest and Know What I Want to Create

Art n' Vino is a Paint and Sip Studio Servicing Northeastern Pennsylvania including Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Hazleton and Stroudsburg. Our motto is: "It's a Party, not an art class". No art experience is required, we will walk you through the beginning to end of your painting and you will have a good time doing it!

At Art n' Vino, our first priority is to show you a good time, so sit back and relax with your favorite beverage and snacks and allow yourself to experience an unique night on the town! At the end of the night, you’ll be blown away with what you’ll create with a little help from our very funny and entertaining artists!

Below are small titled text boxes with small paragraphs that describes our services and a "Learn more", link to take you to more details, like pricing, whats included, and other details.

Get yourself a latte, tea or better yet, a glass of wine and relax. Scrolling down a page on this website is refreshingly easy. Certainly click on the, "Learn more" link when you come across something that interest you. Phil - founder of Art n' Vino.

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Adult Public Paint and Sip Party

Join us for an adult paint and sip event. Bring your favorite beverages and snacks. No art experience needed, and a whole lot of fun!
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Private Paint and Sip Parties are Available

We love to work with you to tell us more about your ideas and dates you have in mind!

Please call us at 570-430-5045 12 noon to 7pm

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Art n' Cupcakes - Non-Alcoholic public or private paint and sip parties for children and adults.

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Call 570-430-5045
For a Private Party

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Art n' Vino Mobile; where on the road to a venue of your choice,

with our special colorful wrapped, "Vino Mobile". We bring everything we need including a portable Bose Sound System to add to the party atmosphere.

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Pillow Painting

A perfect decor accessory to give your home your personal touch, and have a good time doing it!

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Glassware Painting

Glassware themes to celebrate the seasons scheduled twice per month.

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Fundraisers: every cause is a good cause,

from a booster club to helping someone fighting a serious illness. We offer 25% of our gross profit with a check presentation just before the event begins. Fundraisers are limited to Mondays and Tuesdays.

Call Us @ 570-430-5045

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Hammer and Stain B.Y.O.B DIY Woodworking Studio.

Bring snacks and your favorite beverage for a great craft experience.

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Bob Ross Oil Painting Classes

Instructed by a Certified Bob Ross instructor. Let's paint happy trees!

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Upcoming Events

"Cardinal and Sunflowers"
You can do it!

With a light sketch on your canvas, we walk you through a painting. Obviously, this is a 3 minute time lapse video without sound. You can also choose to start with a blank canvas.
In the near future, you can visit our video page where we have many of our instructional voice over videos where you can view the process. Interesting to watch, but not necessary.

What Makes Us Great

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Our business model is different from any of our competitors, you will only realize this unless you visit them, then visit us, or vice-versa. That's how confident we are that your experience at Art n' Vino will be amazing.

If you're not sure that Art n' Vino is not your choice for a paint and sip studio, check out, "What Makes Us Great Page".
Gift Certificates Available, they never expire and can be used on any event or merchandise we sell.

To purchase a gift certificate you may stop in our studio 12 to 6pm and receive one in person or if you can't make it in, no worries just give us a call at:
570-430-5045 to purchase one over the phone to receive a printable version to your email!
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Meet the Team