Below are paintings you may select for your private party.
As you browse to select your painting for your private party, you can adjust the colors to suit your preference, and can easily change the background on many of the paintings.

All canvas sizes are 16×20 unless otherwise noted, however we occasionally switch to smaller canvas size for Kids parties to suite their age.

Please let us know if you need a special size canvas. If you would like to commission a private painting just for your event, that will never again be used by Art n’ Vino, please send your request to or call us at 570-430-5045. 12 noon to 7pm daily.

If you have a great idea for a new public painting that you don’t see here and you would like one created the charge is $100, please email or call with a description to see about the possibility of us adding this to our public calendar. If we do, the $100 fee will be dropped. If we feel it is appropriate for our guests, we will create the painting at no cost to you and add it to our gallery collection.